Begin your journey into the virtual
LightCycle Metaverse

LightCycle - a realistic virtual commercial city, has been created using Unreal Engine 5 and real-time edge rendering. With our powerful editor and AI generation technology, both users and merchants can effortlessly bring their content to life, offering a seamless and secure experience powered by blockchain technology.


Create the land, and craft and your unique Virtual Worlds

Create your unique commercial landmark. Show and convey to audiences your brand's history, culture and products in the building. Experience virtual reality in the exhibition hall, interact and communicate with the brand, and know more about the brand.

Enter the realm

of LightCycle:

an Unreal Engine 5

powered Virtual City

where immersive

experiences meet

the lifestyle.


Key Features

World Editor

Freely design your own house inside and outside by World Editor include scene settings, items display etc, after purchasing the land.

Digital Assets Editor

Use the Digital Asset Editor to create NFTs based on the ERC-1155 standard, which can be bought and sold in the market. Materials used in the World Editor, such as buildings, furniture, etc. are considered digital assets.

resources library

Use professional modelling tools to design and produce buildings or decorative materials and add them to the Resources Library through the Digital Asset Editor.

events system

Hold an exhibition or invite celebrities to put on a concert through the Events System to gain invaluable brand exposure.

did & social system

Every LightCycle user has a unique ID which is associated with their wallet. This enables the platform to ensure all activities and transactions are recorded accurately.

digital assets trading

With the Digital Asset Trading System, you can trade land, characters, and items, as well as selling your digital assets & physical goods.


Avatar Customisation

Users can freely choose and customize their own avatar, including appearance, clothing, accessories, etc. Users can create your unique avatar image according to their own preferences and needs.


Weather and
Circadian System

The Weather System brings a changeable climate and contributes to the dynamism and realism of the LightCycle experience.

The Day & Night and Shadow Systems add to the realism of the LightCycle environment due to the appearance of buildings and objects changing depending on the lighting.

Our Roadmap

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  • Q3 2022

    Release LightCycle 3D Metaverse Platform overall plan Launch the Map Planning of the virtual world centre area Launch the conceptual design of NFT Art Pavilion and Brand Pavilion

  • Q4 2022

    Release LightCycle 3D Metaverse Platform overall plan Launch the Map Planning of the virtual world center area Launch the conceptual design of NFT Art Pavilion and Brand Pavilion

  • Q1 2023

    Launch Avatar dressing system Launch NFT backpack system Launch digital asset trading system Complete LightCycle V1.0 closed beta

  • Q2 2023

    Open LightCycle customizable theme venues Enable user collaboration in LightCycle general venues LightCycle V1.0 launched Complete the central city area Complete the R&D of the LightCycle big world map

  • Q3 2023

    Open the first phase of land auction Launch the land leasing system Complete the R&D phase 1 of map editor and model editor Complete the resource model library Launch the Digital Asset Editor Support players to create, upload, and sell assets models to enrich the asset library The world editor supports users to freely create houses and decorate their own spaces - Vehicle and Gateway system Complete the building of LightCycle Commercial Street Launch LightCycle V2.0

  • Q4 2023

    Complete the 2nd phase R&D of the map editor Launch weather system, day & night, and shadow system Complete the R&D of conference reservation system, virtual concert and exhibition system


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